Privacy Policy


  • To protect all personal data related to our company, including that of our customers, all executive members and employees of Hanshin Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereafter “the Company”) are made aware of the importance of protecting personal information and consider it to be our social responsibility. Based on this, we take the following measures.
  • 1. Acquisition of Personal Information

    When the Company acquires personal information, it is done in such a way as to clarify the purpose of its use and acquired with the the purpose of said use. In regards to the acquisition of personal information, the Company uses only legal and ethical methods.

    2. Use of Personal Information

    When the Company uses personal information, it will be conducted within the range of the purpose of usage that has been speficied prior to use, notified and/or announced. If the Company needs to use such personal information outside of this range, the Company will make sure to obtain an agreement regarding the usage, unless permitted by statue.

    3. Management of Personal Information

    As the Company handles vast amounts of personal information, it will name a manager for each division to be in charge of such personal information and take the proper protective measures required to ensure against illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification, and/or leaking of such personal information. Furthermore, when the Company entrusts the handling of such personal information to outside entities, the Company monitors them to make sure they conduct proper safety management.

    4. Provision to Third Parties

    Unless the Company obtains prior agreement, or it is permitted by ordinance, the Company won’t disclose personal information any third party. However, there are instances in which such personal information will be offered to public organization(s), provided their lawful request.

    5. Inquiries/Corrections Regarding Personal Information

    When there are inquiries/corrections regarding personal information, the Company will deal with it in a proper, lawful manner. The Company may determine how to bill the person involved for obtaining the required documents, when necessary.

    6. Adherance and Efforts to Follow Laws and Regulations

    The Company adheres to all laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information and faithfully attempts to comply with the items listed above. Additionally, the Company continuously reviews its handling of personal information and tries to improve it.
    * The offices of the Company’s subsidiaries and groups located in overseas countries properly conducts the acquisition, use and management of personal information under the laws and regulations in the countries they are located in.


    TOnly engineers with thorough knowledge of our products are allowed to conduct maintenance. All necessary maintenance, including regular diagnostic checks and parts replacement, are handled by them. To ensure safe living, we consider equipment maintenance a top priority, with our goal of providing consistant, safe and reliable water treatment and river facilities all over Japan.


    Regarding our customers’ website, which are sources of links to our website, Hanshin Engineering Co., Ltd. takes no responsibility regarding any complaints or monetary demands from customers themselves or third parties. We request our customers not to do anything that would cause damage to Hanshin Engineering Co., Ltd., the linked URL.