HPM began as a manufacturer of gear speed reducers.

Accu lift (Opening/closing equipment for gate)

Easier maintenance and space saving,
cost reduction device

Developed to achieve reduced construction costs as well as conserve energy through higher efficiency.
A rack drive opening/closing mechanism that offers easy operation with high safety.

in recent years, it is desired to reduce the expenses of flood control and water utilization-related. Changing from a wire drum type opening/closing equipment to a rack-type enables space-saving, easy maintenance and the cost reduction.

■The main reduction gear is a helical gear system, which is very efficient.

■There is a built-in mechanical self-lock system that uses a mechanical brake.

■The safeguard: there is an overload detection device that operates at both electric and manual levels / an upper and lower limit restriction device / an emergency upper limit restriction device / 1m of rack bar cover

■It is unnecessary possible to switch back and forth between manual and electric operation. The interlock circuit is also unnecessary.

■Only with the operation of the lever, it can automatically descend with the weight of the door itself without using drive power.

■It is possible to equip a synchronization transmitter and a
potentiometer. It can be operated by remote control.

■We offer extensive models, electric single lifting type
20-125kN and electric double lifting type 30-1000kN.

Accu lift