HPM began as a manufacturer of gear speed reducers.

Bow rack (Opening/closing equipment for gate)

The esthetic scene producer of the waterside
that creates harmony between buildings and
the natural environment

Adopts a design with a curved rack bar.
A floodgate opening / closing mechanism which gives consideration to appearance by eliminating the rack bar
cover which protruded into the operation room.

In recent years, creating harmony between fixed buildings and the natural environment is strongly desired around a sluice and a water gate. By making a rack bar crooked, the rack bar cover,which projects from an operation room, becomes unnecessary,and will contribute significantly to landscape design.

■The rack cover, which projects from an operation room, is no longer necessary because of the bent rack bar.

■To fit the shape of the building and lifting height, you can freely select the height and the radius of the cover.

■Because all the parts correspond with “Accu lift” excluding the rack bar, that enabled the cost reduction.

■Intermediate shaft bearings can be installed as needed.

■We offer extensive models, electric single lifting type 20-125kN and electric double lifting type 30-1000kN.

Bow rack