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An extensive lineup to accommodate various environments

An extensive lineup to accommodate various environments

Exterior engineering drawing

Exterior engineering drawing

* Please note that dimensions, weight, specifications and exterior design are subject to change without notification.

*The displayed oxygen transfer rates are for when the reference installation water depth is 5.0m.

*Please consult HANSHIN ENGINEERING for voltage other than these above.

Unparalleled standard performance, realizing stabile aeration performance

When selecting a model, the number of units and air flow volume, both the agitation and the oxygen supply capabilities within the tank needs to be satisfied.
In regards to oxygen supply capability, the design requirements for Actual Oxygen Requirement (AOR) of the compound liquid within the tank is calculated at 20˚C and adjusted for freshwater condition values. The Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate (SOTR), required by the submerged aeration/agitation equipment, is then determined and an appropriate model with the appropriate air flow volume is selected from the capability chart.

Regarding agitation capability

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The following charts illustrate oxygen transfer rates during commercial operation (freshwater 20˚C, MLDO=0mg/L)
*When selecting air flow volume, please do so while including some leeway as oxygen transfer rates can fluctuate approximately 10% depending on water temperature, tank shape/size and inflowing water substrates.
*The standard installation water depth is based on the distance from the water surface to unmoving parts of the equipment (bottom of lower casing).

Oxygen transfer capability chart