Supernatant water discharger

Supernatant water discharger

Not requiring drive power
It also contributes to the maintenance cost reduction.

This equipment is to be placed in a batch tank of batch-type activated sludge process plant, and to discharge
supernatant water after sludge precipitates from the water surface.
The most distinctive feature is that it does not require drive power for the track structure to drain the supernatant
water by gravity from the water surface. Moreover, inlet or outlet can be lifted up above the water in the aeration
process, i.e., it is designed to prevent outflow of the sludge mixture from the tank.

Distinctive Features

■ Simple structure
■ No need of drive-power, for water surface following system
■ Easy setting up of operating range
■ Easy regulation of discharge volume
■ No outflow of sludge mixture
■ Easy maintenance

Process of the Batch-typed Activated Sludge Treatment